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Miyuki Flavell was recently my selling agent realtor on a sale of my Condo unit in La Jolla, CA. I had met Miyuki when I purchased the unit in 2014 and was so impressed with her, I decided to use her when it came time for me to sell the same condo unit two months ago. She was very responsive,   thorough, and provided constant updates and helpful advice through the selling process. The pictures and how the unit was represented on-line made it stood out above the other condo units in our same complex, and garnered quick attention to buyers looking in our complex. In 10 short days, we were under contract and we received top dollar for the well kept unit. Her assistance throughout ensured the prompt sale and smooth escrow process to closing. Special thanks to Miyuki for helping make that happen!

(Oct 16, 2019)



(June 28, 2019)



(September 8, 2018)


賃貸の問題で質問をしましたところ、快くご相談に乗っていただき非常に親身になってもらえました。営利関係なく本当に親切な方なんだなと思いました。そんな話をしていたところ友人も保科さんから賃貸をしていたことがあり、夜中に水漏れで困った際に時間関係なく連絡をくれて一生懸命対応してくださった。と言っていました。やっぱりな、と一人納得していました。笑 不動産は大きな一生ものの買い物ですので、信用できる方にお願いしたいです。不動産の売買、賃貸いずれもお勧めです!!

(December 11, 2017)



(October 5, 2017)



(September 25, 2017)


We were from out of state and wanted to move into San Diego in timely fashion. When we arrived in SD, she kindly arranged us for monthly apartment while looking for the property. She listed several properties at the area we were interested in and took us to all the properties where we were interested in. She would give us her honest opinion regarding each property (pros and cons in detail). This was important for us since we were purchasing the home for the first time. After deciding the home to purchase, she kindly guide us through all the process in detail (what type of documents to pay attention etc). And then, even after we started to live in our new home, she kindly followed up for any issue. Overall, I am sure you will enjoy looking new property with her.  If I have to move into new home, I will again ask her.

(November 16, 2016)


Thank you for your kindness strangers. I was desperate in need of experienced advices. I called her early Saturday morning with my little hope. She answered my call she was getting ready for a client appointment. I explained my situations as quick possible. She was very patient listened and asked me few questions. I could tell her knowledge and confident by the why she talks. In short conversations she gave me clear advices. I was able to relive my worries after that. I asked he services fee she sincerely refused. She is a successful business women’s and has a big heart.

(June 25, 2016)


In spring of 2003, I purchased my condo at UTC in Miyuki Hoshina’s mediation. And I lived myself from 2003 to 2010, then I lent my condo until I sold it autumn in 2015. For over decade I left my condo’s management to Miyuki-san. Throughout whole the period, she constantly provided me with excellent service. She is very knowledgeable, honest and helpful, and I have been satisfied with her outstanding expertise, service, suggestion, responsiveness and sincerity. I highly recommend her.

(April 18, 2016)





(Aug 25, 2019)


She is very knowledgeable and we really appreciate her service. She is very honest and smart. I can recommend her to anyone in San Diego. She was very fast in response and very responsible. With her help and support we could find the right place.

(June 20, 2019)


She is great! Her response was always quick and helped me with her knowledge and experiences. I recommend her to all my friends. Thank you, Miyuki san!

(August 27, 2018)



(October 21, 2017)



(October 1, 2017)


This is our third time using Miyuki Flavell and we cannot recommend her enough! Each time we are amazed and impressed with Miyuki’s honesty, professionalism and expertise when comes to the San Diego real estate market. We have 100% trust in her and we heavily relied on her market analysis, knowledge and experience to guide us through details and difficulties of selling our home. She is always willing to answer questions and give sound advice to help you make the best decisions possible with the sale or purchase of your home. We have recommended Miyuki to friends and she helped them purchase their home and had the same experience! We will definitely use Miyuki again when we sell our home or purchase our next home!

(September 4, 2017)


Miyuki is a world-class professional real estate agent. We needed to sell our house quickly in a limited time frame. Miyuki did an excellent job in selling our house without delays. The entire process of creating a timeline, setting a price, selecting buyers, negotiating went very well in an incredibly short period of time. She understood our needs and answered our questions completely in a timely manner. We want to thank her for her support and the time and effort she put in on our behalf. We were also impressed with her follow-up communication through emails and phone calls before and after the sale. We highly recommend Miyuki as an excellent professional real estate agent who understands customer’s needs and executes actions quickly and smoothly with a high level of professionalism.

(August 11, 2016)


Miyuki has been an excellent agent throughout our house-selling process. Not only she is knowledgeable for house and housing market from her 28 years of experience, but also she is very good in legal knowledge concerning the transaction. She understood and respected seller wishes and opinions, tried to achieve them and maximized the outcome from the deal by effectively interacting and negotiating with her counterpart and the buyer. She was so reliable, followed up issues and worked hard until they were completely closed. She has such a nice and comfortable personality and cares for people. It has been a joy and great pleasure that she was our agent.

(May 28, 2016)


Miyuki is very honest, non-judgmental, extremely knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond what you need or want. She addressed any of our questions or concerns quickly and was very patient with the questions and demands. She’ll definitely keep you informed throughout the process. Please give her a call, she will give you 100%

(April 5, 2016)